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Top Digital Marketing Jobs for Digital Nomads

Have you ever spotted someone sitting by the beach typing on their laptop; and maybe sipping a pina colada while at it? Well, chances are, he or she was a digital nomad. Digital nomads, also known as freelancers, are individuals who leverage technology to work. In most cases, digital nomads work from their place of choice- as opposed to being based in a certain office. As the name suggests, freelancers are free to do their work anywhere from coffee shops to the comfort of one’s couch.

In the public eye, freelancers’ lead an active, fun-filled lifestyle. I mean, these digital nomads are their own bosses and they are free to travel the world while working. Traveling across the world gives them a chance to get diverse experiences and interact with different types of people.

Becoming a Digital Nomad

There is an old maxim that ‘you can be anything you want to be’. This statement has never been truer than in the age of the internet. You can educate yourself on any subject from the internet. And you can make a living on the internet too! If you want to be a freelancer, there are limitless opportunities on the internet for you.

To start out as a digital nomad, first, evaluate your skills and hobbies to determine which niche suits you best. The range of freelancing fields to choose from include digital marketing, blogging and article writing, among others. In this article, we will look at how you can join the freelancing world as a digital marketer. In the sections below, you will find everything you need to know about becoming a digital marketing nomad.

How To Start a Career in Digital Marketing

At the moment, you might feel like you don’t have what it takes to be a digital marketing nomad. While a degree in marketing or its related courses is nice, it is not a necessity. Most digital marketers, including the current top marketers, have gotten there through sheer hard work and determination. And you can always find some great online program on marketing with a quick search on Google, anyway.

So, what should do before embarking on a digital marketing career?

It’s very simple. Just get started; READ! READ! READ!

Read everything you can lay your hands on about digital marketing. We live in the age of information and you have no excuse for not learning anything you want to know. Moreover, unlike in some industries where companies closely guard some vital information to prevent their competitors from finding their success secrets, the digital marketing industry is open.

As a digital marketing nomad, you will be working in an open and trusting environment; where everyone is ever ready to share their knowledge and experience with everyone who cares to know. Top brands and big names in marketing collaborate together, even guest posting on each other’s blog and sharing whatever marketing approach or hack they just discovered. Go ahead and consume as much information as possible!

Tips To Find Your First Digital Marketing Job

While it’s easy to find out everything you need to know about digital marketing from the internet, it’s not always easy to find your first job. Whether you are straight out of school, or you are one of the millions of people who are quitting their ‘boring’ day jobs to start working for themselves, you need to put in some effort and be patient to land your first digital marketing job. Luckily for you, the tips below will help you find that job sooner.

Create An Online Presence

Nowadays, it’s hard to get a job in virtually all industries without an online presence. This is true for digital marketing, for obvious reasons, as well. Your potential client will definitely take a look at your online presence before considering you for the job. Actually, the more influence you have online, the better suited you are for a digital marketing job.

Keep Up With The Latest Trends

We have already mentioned that learning is an important part of a digital marketing career. Keeping tabs on the latest trends in digital marketing is equally important. The marketing field is constantly evolving and there is always something new or a change of approach from time to time. If you are left out of the information curve, someone else will take your place soon.

Some of the other things you should do to position yourself for a job in digital marketing are:

  • get a precise understanding of the customer journey,
  • analyzing and optimizing,
  • tapping into your creativity to drive products and services,
  • gaining some experience even by giving free services and
  • getting trust certifications.

Where To Find Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs

Did we mention that as a beginner in digital marketing, you need to be ready for entry-level jobs? As it turns out, one always starts at the bottom and rise from there. You have a better chance with entry-level jobs before hitting it big.

Hey, but no one is stopping you from joining the major league; it’s only that entry-level jobs help horn your skills and prepare you for the big game.

You can find entry-level jobs in digital marketing here:

  • Krop
  • AngelList
  • The Muse
  • Tech Ladies
  • Flex Jobs
  • Dreamers // Doers

Top Digital Marketing Jobs: What They Entail and How To Get Started

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With sharp marketing skills, you can be sure to find jobs and repeat jobs from numerous clients. There are various types of digital marketing jobs. You can get started on one or several of them anytime and from anywhere in the world. A look at the most influential digital marketers suggests that- while it’s a great idea to specialize in one marketing niche, you can also make it big in more than one niche. Here are the top digital marketing jobs available for you to choose from:

Digital Marketer

As the term suggests, a digital marketer is a person who generalizes in all digital marketing tasks.

To get started as a digital marketer, you need to hone your skills in all aspects of marketing since you’re likely to be tasked with doing diverse marketing jobs. Depending on your client’s business needs, you may be required to do anything from managing ads, social media management, proposing partnerships with sponsors, to writing email newsletters.

The job of a digital marketer is quite demanding. For great results, learn to make daily choices on the best way to spend your working hours. Prioritize your work according to the marketing demands of your clients. It’s also crucial that you train your brain to switch gears quickly.

Growth Marketer

A growth marketer is closely related to a digital marketer. However, a growth marketer’s roles mostly entail optimization and development of technical ‘hacks’. They help a business to grow fast, without having to do more.

Content Marketer

Also known as content strategists, content marketers mainly focus on inbound marketing. If you become a content marketer, your main goal will be attracting new inbound users and generating new leads; or, in other words, getting those users to subscribe to a site with their emails.

A content marketer attracts users and leads with written content such as blog posts, e-books, or downloadable whitepapers and multimedia content like infographics and videos.

Want to get started with content marketing? You will need great writing and editing skills as well as a good understanding of SEO.
Small companies also offer social media management jobs to content marketers.

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization(SEO) has taken the internet by storm. Every digital nomad, regardless of their niche, knows at least basic SEO practices. It involves optimizing a business website so that people can easily find it whenever they search for the business or its related terms.

To be an SEO specialist or an SEO consultant, you learn how to do keyword research and convert your findings into an SEO strategy. You should be comfortable with the tracking tools you will be using on a daily basis such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Social media Manager

A social media manager does more than simply check a company’s social pages. They are responsible for growing and actively engaging a social media following across several platforms.

As a social media manager, you should develop a strategy to grow the business social media following and keep the audience engaged. You have to work closely with the other types of digital marketers to share and promote content that will bring business new users, build its customer trust and improve the brand’s reputation.

Should I Become a Digital Marketer?

Wondering whether or not to get started as a digital marketing nomad? It’s okay, even the best marketers started somewhere, with little or zero knowledge on digital marketing. You can do it too. The digital economy is growing at a very fast pace and with it, an increase in the demand for digital marketers. Now is the time to get aboard the digital marketing industry!

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