Who Are We?

Welcome to Remote Digital Marketer. My name is Jero Esguerra and I’m starting this blog to document my experience in building my own digital marketing agency, Hidden Link Studios. I’ve officially made the jump to full-time location independence and want to share ALL my experiences with you.

Digital marketing has become a favorable career as all you will need is just a laptop and wifi connection. So, you can really work from anywhere around the world with digital marketing.

There’s SEO, Facebook Ads, paid advertising, social media, affiliate marketing, content marketing, and the list continues on. No wonder, more and more people are joining the digital marketing industry.

As for myself, I specialize in SEO and social media marketing. I’ve already started my journey in building my agency and plan to take this audience along for the wild ride.

In Remote Digital Marketer, I will share my experiences, goals, problem areas, as well as any advice that I have for those looking to also make the jump.

As for me, I’ve written blog posts in the past. However, none have documented my personal life and this will be a learning experience in of its own.

I also have started my social media accounts, feel free to hit me up on them anytime!

Twitter: @remotedm

Instagram: @remotedigitalmarketer

Also, when you have the time, check out my personal website here.

Jero Esguerra SEO Consultant

Hello! I’m Brandon Yrigan. Thanks for tuning into Remote Digital Marketer. I’ve recently teamed up with Jero to share our experiences on this journey. I’m fairly new to the whole digital nomad scene, but I’m very eager to see what this lifestyle brings.

As for my background, I’m well versed in web development (HTML, CSS, and a little bit of Javascript), but I’m also touching up on digital marketing skills such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. I also do flyers, graphics, and shirt designs on the side. Right now I’m looking into freelancing, but I plan on exploring different avenues as I establish a foundation for growth.

Everything will be a learning experience and I hope you guys take away as much from this blog as I do. We will be sharing as much as we can including advice, tips, opportunities, and even our struggles.

Stay tuned!

Brandon Yrigan Web Developer